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May 22

This weekend was to be the ULTIMATE concert weekend.



This weekend was to be the ULTIMATE concert weekend.

Foo Fighters. (We all know how I feel about Foo Fighters.). Red Hot Chili Peppers.
Rage Against The Machine.


Plus, like — I don’t know — 50 other bands?

When stuff started postponing and canceling I just squeezed my eyes almost all the way shut and squinted at my emails hoping that this one would just NOT come through…..

but there it was.

I don’t think “Disappointed” is exactly appropriate for what I was feeling. Of course I UNDERSTOOD. I love music but I don’t want to DIE for it.

I’ll confess to a VERY funny feeling in the pit of my stomach though. DAVE GROHL! ANTHONY! RAGE! FUCK!

That’s just an EPIC line-up. And I was epically excited.

BUT — there are worse things that can happen.

The Foo will Fight again.
The Peppers will always be Hot


Stay healthy!

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