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March 24

A moment in the life of Kimmi:



I had four personalized gifts for four amazing guys in the metal community. Note: PERSONALIZED.

So the other day I run downstairs to get wrapping paper. Making sure to avoid birthday paper, new baby paper, wedding shower paper, I grab a nice blue paper with a regular pattern on it.

Run back upstairs and wrap the gifts. Each one had a handwritten note that I taped to it. Put the gifts in a box and get my shoes on to go to UPS and get them sent.

As I’m putting the box in the car I notice the wrapping paper. It’s blue and it does have a nice pattern. A nice CHANUKA pattern. 🤬🤬

Now, the guys who are receiving the gifts are, as I said, amazing, and I know they wouldn’t care that it was Chanuka paper and probably might not even notice — since I myself didn’t notice until I put the box in the car. But still.

So I run back downstairs for different paper. Still avoiding all of the paper I mentioned above, I grab some red, white and green paper that is OBVIOUSLY Christmas paper because of the colors BUT there’s nothing on it that is Christmas-y and the only other paper I have is some kind of superhero (that I. can’t identify) so I run back upstairs to wrap.

All good. Wrap, UPS store.

So yesterday I get a thank you from the first recipient. All good.

Second recipient thanks me. All good.

EXCEPT. Remember I said they were personalized gifts? Second and third recipients got each other’s gifts.


(Classic blonde?). Nope. Just Classic Kimmi.

LUCKILY, recipient #4, who hasn’t even received his gift yet, is going to be seeing both recipients #2 and #3 in the next two weeks and will make the exchange for me, saving me a HELLOFALOT of driving.

This is what it’s like to be me. Every day. Makes for good stories.

Thanks to Mercyful Mike, Lothar, Tony and Dozer for being so righteous and putting up with my Kimmi-ness.

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